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Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

Shrinathji temple in Nathdwara, is around 48 kms from Udaipur. The Shrinathji deity is Lord Krishna and idol is seen with one hand lifting the Govardhan parbat. This form of Lord Krishna is connected with the mythological story of how Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan parbat when the people of that village faced heavy rains. Nathdwara 'Shrinathji' temple is of highest significance to the followers of Pushtimarg, a Vaishnav sect of Hinduism. As per the myth, an idol of Lord Krishna was being transferred to a safer place from Vrindavan. A wheel of the bullock cart, in which the idol was being transferred, broken down and the temple was built on the same place to worship the idol.

The temple has predefined timings of 'darshan' (when you can see the god idol). Depending on rush, you need to reach early enough to avoid long queue and rush. Cameras and mobiles are not allowed in the temple premises. You need to leave it in your hotel room or in car. You can also submit your mobiles at security counter besides the temple main entrance.

There are eight darshans in a day which open for very short duration. The sequence of eight darshans is as below.

1. Mangala: First darshan of the day. Lord, having woken up, has just had his breakfast and greets his devotees with the most "auspicious" darshan of the day. This darshan usually occurs at dawn.

2. Shringar: Having bathed and dressed her little darling, Mother Yashoda allows everyone to adore her baby. After this darshan, the Lord goes out to play with his friends.

3. Gval: Having had his mid-morning snack, the Lord is about to go out to heard the cows of Nandaji. Lord is worshipped by reciting His thousand names and the sacred tulsi (basil) leaves are offered with each name.

4. Rajbhog: After his mid-day meal, the Lord is resting in the comfort of Nanadalay. Lord is often most regal and resplendent for this darshan. Fresh garlands and lotuses are offered to the Lord. The arti, Lord plays chopat, an ancient board game or version of chess to while away the hot afternoon.

5. Utthanpan: Lord has just woken up from his afternoon siesta.

6. Bhog: Having had his afternoon snack, the Lord is about to go out to play again.

7. Sandhya: As the sun dips over the western horizon, the Lord returns with the herds of Nandaji and the gopies come to see their beloved. Mother Yashoda wards off any evil that may have befalled her darling in the woods of Vraj, by doing an arti and the Lord bathes for the evening meal.

8. Shayan: Having had his dinner, the Lord is about to go off to his bed chamber. This is the last public darshan of the day.

Many couples visit Shrinathji temple at Nathadwara for the blessing after having Royal wedding at Udaipur. WedWingz specialized in arranging your visit to Shrinathji temple. During peak time, many devotees come for Shrinathji darshan and it is usually very crowded. At WedWingz, we ensure that your visit to Shrinathji temple will be very smooth. We take care of your transport, your stay, VIP darshan, Prasad, Special Aarti and any other request you do have.

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Bharti Patel April 15 2016, 10:36 am


My sister's wedding is in November. We want to have wedding at Udaipur and then want go for Shrinathji darshan at nathdwara.....plz let me know how to plan that.....


Vipul Shah February 29 2016, 3:15 am

I am looking for my daughter's wedding at udaipur along with blessing at shrinathji....let me know how you can arrange that...